Tales of the Service Jam

A jam creates its own tales.

Ann Danylkiw tell the stories of Service Jam 2011 as a true journalist. She stayed with the jammers, interviewed mentors and captured everything as they are happening in a jam with her camera. This year, we are welcoming Ann to join us again to continue the tales for another exciting 48 hours in 2012.

If you see a girl approaching with camera, don’t be shy. Tell her your story and let yourself become a part of the tales of Service Jam.

1. Mentors come to talk The brilliant mentor team shares their thoughts on the jam team and how they were performing. A realistic view of what happened in the busy 48 hours – and some tips to share!

2. Team ‘Secret Sauce’ The group returns from exploring the Ministry of Stories in Hackney as well as several parks where they research ‘superhero’ realities amongst children and their parents and iterate on their idea in a heating up discussion.

3. Team ‘OurStreet’ This is a service where local people can use an online platform to organise a talent bank whilst bringing their community closer together. Like in every creative process, they faced their moment of confusion, but with help of the mentor, the team worked hard (and together) to pin down the ultimate question, “what is your service?”

4. Highlights of the jam 2011 “Put not only your skill and knowledge but also your heat and soul into it…” they said it, we did it.

© All films created and edited by Ann Danylkiw

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